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Cleaning a car feels more like a chore than an accomplishment for most people. Washing a vehicle from top to bottom is often compared to punishment rather than pleasure because it requires a lot of labor, takes a long time, and is as tedious as hell.

The hardest part of any “detail-oriented” project is frequently deciding where to start and setting aside time to clean every crevice of an automobile thoroughly.

Today, we’ll be talking about deep cleaning the car’s exterior and interior. We can keep both guides as informative and focused as possible in this manner, and as a result, you can have a spotless vehicle quickly. Therefore, let’s get going!

What is Car Detailing?

The term “car detailing” refers to cleaning an automobile in a “detailed” manner, often accompanied by repairing damaged parts. Externally, detailing aids in shielding paint, glass, and body parts from damaging UV rays, contaminants, and driving-related damage.

The detailing business is now a multi-billion dollar industry with thousands of distinctive detailing products, each with its genetic backbone, sales strategy, and market distribution, that pump economic pistons under its bonnet.

If left to sit for an excessive amount of time, contaminants like dirt, mud, road grime, bird turds, bug guts, pollen, deicers, and sap slowly seep into the clear coat of a vehicle. If you want to avoid long-term damage, you should wash your car once a week if at all possible and keep in mind the following six golden rules for car detailing in Florida:

  • Never clean your vehicle in direct sunlight

Washing your vehicle in direct sunlight is bad because almost all detailing products won’t work well in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces. Additionally, heat accelerates soap and water drying, resulting in spots and streaks that persist. You work indoors or in the shade only when the vehicle’s exterior surfaces are cool to the touch.

  • Use the two-buckets-and-a-beer technique

The two-buckets-and-a-beer method is just as important as regularly dumping your water and not using the same cloth or mitt for each surface. However, using the two-buckets-and-a-beer method is just as important.

You can create a safe place for dunking that filthy sponge between scrubs by having one bucket for sudsy H2O and one for rinse water. This also helps keep the soapy shampoo bucket free of contaminants. The beer serves as a means of moral support.

  • Avoid cross-contamination

During a car wash, you risk cross-contamination if you use the same cleaning materials for each step. Therefore, don’t use the same items, like buckets, towels, brushes, and water. This is because you don’t want to scrub a relatively clean area with a filthy microfiber mitt or move contaminants from one place of the vehicle to another. When working on more soiled areas like wheels, lower rocker panels, bumpers, and exhaust ports, it’s essential to keep this in mind.

  • Always use lubrication

Always use lubrication when there is friction. Our naughty bits aren’t the only things that like a little lubrication. Vehicle paint and a clear coat require something slippery to prevent marring outside of a gentle wipe-down with an ultra-plush microfiber dusting cloth.

  • Work your way from the top down

The lower parts of a car come into close contact with road contaminants, and you don’t want that to spread to the car’s much cleaner upper parts. It’s usually a good idea to start with your wheels and tires, but not with soap and a scrubbing session.

Because it will give the car’s dirtiest area a concentrated blast, use a reliable spray-on and rinse-off chemical approved for the wheels you roll. To avoid cross-contamination, wash the car from top to bottom, leaving the wheels and tires for last. Scrub their surfaces with a different scrubbing material.

  • Get the right supplies and towels

Utilizing sponges and conventional cloth wash towels on a vehicle’s exterior is analogous to using a 120-grit sandpaper in the shower, so ensure you have the appropriate supplies. It will effectively exfoliate, but at what cost?

When cleaning and drying your car, invest in some plush microfiber towels and a quality wash mitt to significantly reduce the likelihood of scratching the surface. While at it, order a pH-balanced car shampoo because household dishwashing liquid can ruin a car’s clear coat just like it can ruin bacon grease.

Bottom Line

Professional Detailing goes beyond what most car owners will do at home. But you can keep your car looking like new with a bit of time and care.

Consider Hypoluxo Car Wash for car detailing in Florida if these methods do not suffice or if you are still unsure about performing detailing on your own. We charge reasonable prices for a wide range of interior auto detailing packages.

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